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LIFE PRINT: Barbara F. Steinberg, PhD.
PHILOSOPHY: I believe God has given us free will in all matters. Nothing is predestined. Any obstacles from my past, or any ending in my life can become the gateway that leads to a new beginning. It is, however, my choice to remain where I am, or to travel through the opening.

FAITH: God's presence is everywhere so it is important to look for that divine spark in everyone and everythng around us. This is what sustains my faith.
"The earth laughs in flowers." Ralph Waldo Emerson

MENTORS OF THE SPIRIT: My paternal Grandfather, Homer Freeland; Red Cloud Who Covers the Sun (Sioux): Rev. Rosalyn Buyere; Medicine Hawk Wilburn (Cherokee); His Holiness, the Dalai Lama; Alberto Viollodo, Phd; dona Bernadina (Quechua); Rabbi Gary Creditor.

INTEGRITY: Honesty is generated from the heart. If I listen carefully to that voice, and live solely by its terms, neither I, nor anyone else will have regrets about our relationship.

FAMILY: I have no biological siblings, yet I have many brothers and sisters who have shared and influenced my life. Thus, in my family I am no the last person standing.

PAY IT FORWARD: As I entered this incarnation, I was given much for which I am grateful. I am, therefore, obligated to be mindful of other's needs, especially those who are severly challenged by their own life situation.

*NOTE* -The ages on the stars represent the ages at the time this project started in 2009.

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