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Deena Merril Stein

Dina Merrill - The name is the same - and even surprising to me many of our hopes, joys and disappointments link us both. Dina Merrill was a well known actress, and there we part in our lives. Let me explain.

Seventy Two - A long lie to look back upon and find or should I say define, the essence of me.
To define the toality of me let me start with what I am now and go back, wife, mother and grandmother. In going back let me sun up some of the particulars.
I still work as an agent in the insurance industry, which I enjoy. I take care of my home and continue to be socially active with family and friends. Religion is an important element in both my life and my husband's.
As far back as I can remember the word caring has been a dominant factor in my life, whether it be family or friends. And at age 72 it has not changed.

Ater 53 years of marriage I can say I have a wonderful husband, two very special sons, a lovely daughter-law and eight grandchildren who are very devoted to my husband and me.

When life is summed up it can be viewed from many angles. Ordinary in the sense the criteria sought for in life reflects the bsics, love, understanding our own needs and the needs of others, dealing with the highs and lows and still coming out ahead. Do we call that a simple life? Not really. Achieving that it can outrank those who have talent but have no compassion,have intelect but put it to poor use. In essence, no life is simple-dramatic, but not simple.

Summing up my feeling after 72 years I eel comfortable with the years, the freedom to be me, do as I please and look forward to many more years of the same.

*NOTE* -The ages on the stars represent the ages at the time this project started in 2009.

Deena and Husband

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