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I lived in Japan many years with my husband who was stationed there after World War ll. We traveled alot. We divorced and I remarried and he later died. My third husband of many years is now in a nursing home with Alzheimer's. He has been there for three years. I visit with him daily. We had such a happy life together. Though my two children live out of town, they come visit me a few times a year and are very close and helpful to me in person and on the telephone. Driving is a big help and I feel very lucky I can drive to see my husband and run errands daily. My company are my three cats, who wait for my return when the door closes and I say "good-bye" to them!
Gardening and bridge are my two main hobbies, both of which I do almost every day. My cats and me continue to live in the same home for more than twenty years. My health is good and I have always taken care of myself. Walking is a favorite pass time for me.

*NOTE* -The ages on the stars represent the ages at the time this project started in 2009.