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Thanks for asking me to do this and be part o your web site. It is a huge honor and I can hardly wait to see it and meet your friends and heros. - Love Muriel

My years leading to 75 could be seen 2 ways: a series of heartbreaking rejections or a series of happy successes. Each has relied on the other. It took an amazingly high stack of rejections from editors to end up with four books accepted for publication. All along I just kept writing and hoping. I still work and hope. Right now, I’m hoping the motel my daughter and I opened in Michigan will succeed. We started our first season last year with miserable guest: found smells, spiders, cold water, and the only thing he was grateful for was that his wife wasn’t with him. “She,” he said, “would have left in an instant.” He had least spent the night. We tore all our rooms apart to get them right. Then we had a string of happy guests.
Also lately, my body has been rejecting good health, but God has given me peace beyond that I had in my healthy days.
To some up what makes up me: I love to just go ahead with any plan, work hard at whatever it is and trust God to either bless it or put a stop to it.

*NOTE* -The ages on the stars represent the ages at the time this project started in 2009.


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