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This project was started in 2009 with the hope women 70 and over would join in and share some of their happenings when going through their seventies and over. I wondered how they overcame what ever it was they faced? They all did it so differently. It seems the heavy thread these women share is the ability to go on no matter what the news of the day they are dealt . One of our "Stars", Jackie Myers, died. She was the wonderful caregiver for her husband. He has out-lived her, though, many years her senior.

Thank-you to all the women who helped me start my long project. A special thanks go to each of the women, who let me take photos and drawings. They gave their time and love.

Special thanks to my instructors and mentors, LJ Powell and Kevin Donlin. They both never gave up on me! I value their patience and skill. I dedicate this web site Women 70 and Over to Jackie Myers and all the brave women before and after her. May you all share your lives with us. You are all "Stars Of Value ". You and your stories and comments help smooth out the moments of our lives. Send us an email. We value your thoughts.

-Hugs and Kindness, I am Phyllis Rehmar, surely 70 and over!

*NOTE* -The ages on the stars represent the ages at the time this project started in 2009.